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1. September 9, 2022 | The Oaklandside
Study: traffic pollution harms seniors, increases health care costs
New research in Northern California shows that seniors living near high-traffic roadways, including Oakland’s I-880 and I-580, experience more health problems.
2. September 8, 2022 | Inside Climate News
Despite misunderstandings, scientists and Indigenous peoples in the Arctic have collaborated on mercury pollution
A new paper cites over 40 joint projects in six nations and concludes that mercury research would be impossible without these working relationships.
3. September 6, 2022 | Mongabay
Chinese companies slated for mercury pollution in Cameroon
Civil society groups have raised the alarm over pollution of rivers in eastern and northern Cameroon by gold mining companies.
4. September 5, 2022 | The Globe and Mail
Mercury levels in the Arctic put wildlife, Indigenous communities at risk, landmark report says
Signs of mercury absorption in tree rings showed the chemical first became significantly present in the Arctic during the Industrial Revolution then continued to amass.
5. September 5, 2022 | Washington Post
Editorial:'Forever chemicals' rule proposed by EPA is a step forward
It’s good news that the administration is beginning to take action on “forever chemicals.” But the proposed rule targets just two of approximately 12,000 types of PFAS, found in an estimated 41,000 sites across the country.
6. September 2, 2022 | Mongabay
Weak waste management leaves Dhaka communities at risk from landfill sites
The four major waste landfills in Dhaka have left a serious environmental impact on the soil and groundwater of surrounding areas through leachate pollution, a study shows.
7. September 2, 2022 | Environmental Health News
Air pollution can raise risk of Covid-19 death 51%, study says
People who live in areas that come with long-term exposure to high levels of air pollution face a 51% higher chance of dying from Covid-19, and thousands of lives could have been saved during the pandemic if air quality standards were met, a new public health research study has found.
8. September 1, 2022 | Mongabay
In revising its criminal code, Indonesia risks unraveling environmental laws
The latest draft of Indonesia's criminal code contains provisions that would make it more difficult to prosecute environmental crimes, such as dumping toxic waste in rivers and setting forest fires, experts say.
9. September 1, 2022 | CBC
Dollar store products commonly tested positive for toxic chemicals, analysis says
Canada needs more transparency and better enforcement to protect Canadians from unlimited exposure to toxic chemicals like lead and cadmium, an analysis from Environmental Defence said Wednesday.
10. August 31, 2022 | New Scientist
Half of fish tested in an Amazon river have unsafe levels of mercury
At four locations close to the Yanomami Indigenous reserve in Brazil, many species of fish were found to have mercury levels considered unsafe for consumption.
11. August 31, 2022 | Inside Climate News
Ubiquitous ‘forever chemicals’ increase risk of liver cancer, researchers report
The ubiquity of the toxic class of substances commonly known as “forever chemicals” is well established. Now, medical researchers have zeroed in on their effects on a crucial component of the human body’s internal filtration system: the liver.
12. August 29, 2022 | The Hill
Strategic planting around school playgrounds cuts children’s exposure to air pollution
Selective planting of vegetation between playgrounds and roadways can significantly reduce children’s exposure to traffic-related air pollution, according to new research published in Scientific Reports.
13. August 26, 2022 | Washington Post
EPA finally moves to label some ‘forever chemicals’ as hazardous
The compounds continue to turn up in drinking water, cosmetics, fabrics and food packaging used by millions of Americans.
14. August 25, 2022 | MINNPost
The human and financial cost of air pollution in Minnesota
We can’t see it, and coroners rarely report it, but air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels prematurely kills an estimated nine million people worldwide every year.
15. August 25, 2022 | Environmental Health News
Terry Collins: PFAS removal discovery not yet a ‘powerful solution’
Editor’s note: Researchers at Northwestern University last week published a breakthrough paper in the journal Science touting a new way of destroying PFAS molecules – dubbed the “forever chemical” for its engineered longevity. Carnegie Mellon University chemist Terry Collins offers a counterpoint on the optimism.
16. August 25, 2022 | Washington Post
Study on underwater methane release raises climate fears
A new scientific claim about a burst of methane from the sea floor 125,000 years ago raises questions about our climate future.
17. August 25, 2022 | BBC
Quitting single-use plastic in Japan
Japan is one of the world's biggest plastic waste producers, thanks to its love of packaging - but a week of going plastic-free in Tokyo reveals surprising solutions.
18. August 24, 2022 | Washington Post
Study on underwater methane release raises climate fears
A new scientific claim about a burst of methane from the sea floor 125,000 years ago raises questions about our climate future.
19. June 22, 2022 | Our Midland
Restrictions placed on PFAS-contaminated land next to landfill
New restrictions have been put on county-owned land next to the Huron County Landfill that has been contaminated by PFAS.
20. June 15, 2022 | Nation.com
Reduction in air pollution can help improve functioning of kidney, study
Improving air quality may not only help your lungs but also your kidneys, a study suggests.
21. June 6, 2022 | Futurity
Chemical exposure in pregnancy has gotten worse
Over the past 10 years, chemical exposure has increased among pregnant women, particularly women of color.
22. June 5, 2022 | MSN
As wildfire season approaches, new studies show air pollution linked to severe health outcomes
Experts are warning about the negative health impacts from air pollution as we head into wildfire season — and new research suggests it could exacerbate severe outcomes from COVID-19 and increase the risk of lung disease.
23. May 30, 2022 | Medical Xpress
Environmental pollutants play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes
The environmental pollutants we consume are probably the reason why some people develop type 1 diabetes. Even low concentrations of such pollutants can result in cells producing less insulin, reveals a new study from the University of Oslo (UiO).
24. May 30, 2022 | Times Now News
First-of-its-kind study on children shows how air pollution affects children
Air pollution is one of the leading threats to children’s health – accounting for one in ten deaths in those below five years of age. Nearly 21 percent of children below the age of six reported respiratory disorders and infections due to air pollution in Ahmedabad.
25. May 27, 2022 | The Washington Post
China's coal mining boosts methane levels, also dangerous for climate change
Amid fears of an energy crunch, China is mining more coal than ever and releasing more methane, a greenhouse gas more dangerous than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.