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1. January 19, 2022 | The Washington Post
For the first time in over 30 years, the EPA adds to its list of hazardous air pollutants
The move will allow the Environmental Protection Agency to curb the use of 1-bromopropane, a powerful dry-cleaning solvent linked to cancer
2. January 17, 2022 | WHTV
ozone crop yields food Ozone harms East Asian crops, costing $63 billion a year, scientists say
Fossil fuel emissions aren’t just driving climate change and worsening air quality, they’re also hurting crop yields enough to cause some $63 billion in annual losses in East Asia, scientists say.
3. January 13, 2022 | IPS News
The relation between Covid-19 and air pollution
Air pollutants are risk factors for respiratory infections, and COVID-19 is not an exception.
4. January 13, 2022 | Yale Climate Connection
Household air pollution contributes to almost 4 million premature deaths a year
Many people around the world cook over open fires or simple stoves that produce dangerous indoor pollution, contributing to almost 4 million premature deaths each year.
5. January 13, 2022 | DW
Green groups target poisonings from rising pesticides sales
More and more pesticides are being sprayed worldwide with deadly consequences for humans and nature, a report finds.
6. January 13, 2022 | The Guardian
‘Babies here are born sick’: Are Bolivia’s gold mines poisoning its Indigenous people?
The government has been criticized for apparent inaction as evidence mounts that mercury contamination is causing illness in fishing communities
7. January 10, 2022 | BBC
Delhi's smog problem is rooted in India's water crisis
Every winter, Delhi's toxic air is fuelled by farmers burning crop stubble. But the fires don't stop. Why? The answer lies in water.
8. January 10, 2022 | BBC
Delhi's smog problem is rooted in India's water crisis
Every winter, Delhi's toxic air is fuelled by farmers burning crop stubble. But the fires don't stop. Why? The answer lies in water.
9. January 9, 2022 | KCRA
New research helps link extreme air pollution to climate change
New research shows a dramatic increase in the number of days where ozone and particulate matter pollution (wildfire smoke) are combined to create extreme air quality issues.
10. January 6, 2022 | The Guardian
High levels of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in anti-fogging sprays and wipes
A Duke University study nine top rated products contained PFAS, which has been linked to cancer and other health problems
11. January 6, 2022 | New Scientist
Air pollution: One in 12 child asthma cases linked to nitrogen dioxide exposure
A US and Canadian team have estimated 1.85 million new childhood asthma cases were linked with exposure to nitrogen dioxide in 2019, 8.5 per cent of all new cases that year.
12. January 6, 2022 | The New York TImes
Health risks of smoke and ozone rise in the West as wildfires worsen
Simultaneous high levels of the two pollutants, which harm human health, are occurring with increasing frequency, researchers say.
13. January 5, 2022 | Yahoo! News
'Concerning' threat in Aussie homes that's putting kids at risk
Household dust has been tested in 35 countries for toxicity and the results for Australia and New Zealand are concerning.
14. January 5, 2022 | Popular Science
Here's exactly how wildfires are polluting our air
Wildfires emit a mixture of hazardous compounds that contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses when people breathe them in.
15. January 4, 2022 | Jefferson Public Radio
Why air pollution is better, but not for everyone
We've had a Clean Air Act since the end of 1970, and generally cleaner air since that time. But there is still pollution out there, and you are more likely to be exposed to it if your skin is darker.
16. January 4, 2022 | Mongabay
More trees means healthier bees, new study on air pollution shows
Human-caused air pollution in Brazil’s São Paulo state is taking its toll on native bees, but the presence of plants can help ameliorate those effects, a new study shows.
17. January 3, 2022 | UPI
Lowering air pollution reduces risk for dementia in older women, study finds
Long-term improvement in air quality lowers the risk for dementia in older women, a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found.
18. January 2, 2022 | ABC
Doctors say breathing toxic air in Delhi is like smoking 10 cigarettes a day and urgent solutions are needed
Months after the Delta variant ravaged India's capital, Delhi, the city's residents are taking refuge indoors once more. This time, they're protecting themselves from the city's toxic air.
19. December 31, 2021 | VOX
Beauty products are full of risky chemicals. I tried to get rid of them.
Eliminating endocrine disruptors is harder than you might think.
20. December 30, 2021 | Environmental Health News
Five top stories on healthcare sustainability
2021 brought a focus on healthcare: Why should our health systems, which we encounter when we are at our most vulnerable, be a source of environmental pollutants and toxic chemicals?
21. December 28, 2021 | South China Morning Post
Eating less meat can help reduce 75,000 premature deaths related to air pollution in China, study finds
Reducing the over-consumption of meat could help lower the concentration of a major air pollutant and avoid 75,000 premature deaths in China, a team led by Hong Kong researchers has found.
22. December 28, 2021 | Lancashire Telegraph
Firefighters are four times more likely to get cancer than any member of public, research suggests
New research has suggested toxic fire contaminants are playing a role in increasing firefighters’ chances of developing cancer and other diseases.
23. December 23, 2021 | The Business Standard
Bangladesh needs to monitor transboundary air pollution
Bangladesh needs to set up air quality monitoring stations at its borders to determine the source and severity of pollution, a recent study revealed.
24. December 22, 2021 | Nation.Africa
Sperm counts on the decline due to plastics
Recent studies show that fertility in both male and female has decreased over the past few decades. According to research, this is linked to the effects of toxic chemicals in plastics that have gone unregulated.
25. December 22, 2021 | Digital Journal
New links between air pollution and reduced health outcomes
Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in many parts of the world, especially under the conditions of urban or city living.