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1. September 28, 2023 | Aljazeera
Silent killer: How deadly is air pollution?
It kills 7 million people a year. New research shows it also raises antibiotic resistance and is linked to cancer risks
2. September 28, 2023 | Bloonberg
Got plastic with a no. 2 recycling symbol? Beware a toxic problem
A little-known American company has been giving plastic a special touch called fluorination for 40 years. After the EPA discovered treated containers can leach “forever chemicals,” the company refused to stop.
3. September 27, 2023 | Mongabay
PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ harming wildlife the world over: Study
While PFAS impacts on human health are well known, scientists are also finding severe impacts on wildlife, including hawksbill turtles, American alligators, Arctic kittiwakes, hooded seals, striped bass, bottlenose dolphins and other species.
4. September 27, 2023 | City Live
Genetically engineered bacteria convert plastic waste into useful chemicals
A groundbreaking study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has revealed the successful engineering of two synthetic bacteria strains capable of transforming plastic waste into valuable chemicals.
5. September 27, 2023 | Public Health Watch
Impact: OSHA announces enforcement initiative after Public Health Watch reveals silicosis cluster in California
At least 77 fabricators of engineered-stone countertops in the state have been diagnosed with an accelerated form of the fatal lung disease since January 2016.
6. September 27, 2023 | New York Post
Study identifies possible link between drinking diet soda during pregnancy and autism
Pregnant or breastfeeding women who consume diet soda or other foods and drinks containing aspartame could experience higher rates of autism diagnoses in their sons, a new study has revealed. But the study has limitations.
7. September 27, 2023 | AP News
Japan's court recognizes more victims of Minamata mercury poisoning and awards them compensation
A Japanese court on Wednesday ordered the central government, the Kumamoto prefecture and a chemical company to recognize more than 120 plaintiffs as patients of the decades-old Minamata mercury poisoning and pay compensation they have been denied because they developed symptoms after moving away from the region.
8. September 27, 2023 | The Guardian
Scientists use water fleas to filter pollutants out of wastewater
Tiny water fleas could play a big role in filtering out drugs, pesticides and industrial chemicals from wastewater to make it safe, according to scientists.
9. September 27, 2023 | Environmental Health News
Burgers and fries with a side of PFAS
A new report from Mamavation found evidence of PFAS chemicals in food packaging including a McDonald’s filet-o-fish carton, a Starbucks’ sandwich wrapper and a KFC bucket of fried chicken.
10. September 27, 2023 | Environmental Health News
Black, Hispanic and poor children are more exposed to pollution that ends up harming their brains: Study
Black, Hispanic and low-income children are more exposed to toxics like air pollution and lead — and this disparate exposure is linked to autism, lower IQ scores and worse memory, according to a new scientific review of more than 200 studies.
11. September 26, 2023 | WRAL News
Growing number of studies show forever chemicals harm wildlife
A growing body of research indicates exposure to PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, can cause adverse health effects that are similar to those found in human studies.
12. September 26, 2023 | DW
Asbestos: The silent killer in Turkey's earthquake region
Officials deny it but a DW investigation has found that the rubble from Tukey's devastating February earthquake contains life-threatening amounts of asbestos. The southern city of Hatay now faces a new health crisis.
13. September 25, 2023 | Environmental Health News
Air pollution in Ireland linked to premature deaths at ‘concerning’ level in urban areas, report finds
Irish Times journalist Kevin O'Sullivan reports that the Irish Environmental Protection Agency advises using less solid fuel to heat homes and reducing use of cars if Ireland is to meet World Health Organization pollution guidelines.
14. September 24, 2023 | The Cut
The cost of straight hair: Straighteners linked to cancer
The products Black women rely on to give their locks body and shine are now alleged to give them cancer, too.
15. September 22, 2023 | The New York TImes
Gold mining is poisoning the planet with mercury
Ten years after an international treaty to ban mercury, the toxic metal continues to poison. The reason might have to do with your wedding ring.
16. September 20, 2023 | The Guardian
The air tastes like burnt plastic’: Skopje’s chronic pollution problem
Ajit Niranjan reports for The Guardian that the North Macedonian capital is a PM2.5 hotspot where people live in fear for their health. Is there hope of change?
17. September 18, 2023 | Environmental Health News
Everyone is likely overexposed to BPA
Our exposure to a common plastic additive linked to breast cancer and obesity likely exceeds health thresholds set by governments worldwide.
18. September 18, 2023 | The Guardian
‘Forever chemical’ exposure linked to higher cancer odds in women
New research finds evidence that exposure to PFAS and phenols increases odds of certain ‘hormonally driven’ cancers for women.
19. September 11, 2023 | BBC
The gold jewelry made from old phones
E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials.
20. September 11, 2023 | Independent.ie
Weedkiller glyphosate shows up in all but one of the samples tested on Irish volunteers
Glyphosate has been found in samples taken from all but one of a group of Irish volunteers tested for the controversial weedkiller.
21. September 8, 2023 | Environmental Health News
How does cannabis impact developing brains?
This month Science Magazine explores research into disturbing ways that THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, binds to cannabinoid receptors abundant in the brain, including in fetal brains while still in the mother’s womb.
22. September 8, 2023 | NPR
New air pollution satellite could support environmental justice 19 JuneNew air pollution satellite could support environmental justice
A new satellite will take continuous measurements of dangerous air pollution in the U.S. That has scientists, and residents, warily optimistic about undoing decades of environmental injustice.
23. September 8, 2023 | The Guardian
Are your clothes making you sick? The opaque world of chemicals in fashion
Our outfits contain BPA, PFAS and other dangerous substances – but we still know little about their cumulative impact.
24. September 8, 2023 | The Washington Post
Wildfires are bad for air quality. Fireworks can make the smoke worse.
Swirling soot from Canadian blazes is likely to compound the usual pyrotechnics pollution on July 4. Health experts urge caution.
25. September 5, 2023 | Science News
Bone marrow in the skull could be used to monitor Alzheimer’s, MS and more
New observations of skull cell signals and skull tunnels suggest bone marrow there could be used to monitor neurological diseases.