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Please provide safety information for the insecticide imidacloprid.
Case ID : 00079

We would request you to kindly let us know about an insecticide "ADMIRE 70 WG
with chemical name IMIDACLOPRID". The information is required to ascertain if it
is safe to be used for the plants in our office premises.

From : Jasmine, Ms. Sangeeta
OCH Unit WHO/SEARO New Delhi Thailand
Last viewed : 17 July 2024 18:52
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Answer from expert #1
Imidacloprid has undergone an extensive evaluation in 2007 by the US
Environmental Protection Agency.

Imidacloprid is not considered to be a carcinogen, teratogen or reproductive
toxicant. It is classified as a pesticide of moderate toxicity by the World
Health Organization following acute exposure.

The US EPA review document can be accessed at:


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