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Which countries have already banned Chrysotile Asbestos?
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Which countries have already banned Chrysotile Asbestos?

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Answer from expert #1
Visit the following website:

Answer from expert #2
Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Hungary, Switzerland, Singapore,
Austria, The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Brunei, Japan,
Kuwait, France, Slovenia, Bahrein, Poland, Monaco, Belgium, Saudi Arabia,
Lithuania, U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Latvia, Chile, Argentina, Oman, Spain,
Luxembourg, Slovak Republic, New Zealand, Uruguay, Malaysia, Australia, China,
Honduras, South africa, Japan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Estonia,
Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Egypt, Jordan,
Croatia, New Caledonia, South Korea, Taiwan, Algeria, Qatar, Mozambique,
Mongolia, Turkey, Thailand.
The list is in order of banning and often there are some exceptions given in the

Answer from expert #3
I am attaching the most recent information I have on the question, which
appeared in Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 118, No. 7,